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i just did the sims 4 character creation demo and oh my GOD i want it i want it so bad

i love nicki minaj


Cersei Lannister | Game of Thrones Season 4 Portraits  [x]


Cersei Lannister | Game of Thrones Season 4 Portraits  [x]

House Martell book:
the known history

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York ! York, to me ! York and England !


Requiem for a Queen” by Pauline Darley
For Khube Magazine Cover (http://khube-magazine.com)


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I was talking about GoT once with a couple of friends and one said “I know it’s bad but I want Jaime and Cersei to be together”.

Then my other friend says, “It may be bad, but the story frames them together, so of course you want them together.”

And it’s like. Yes. That’s so true. Like obviously it is unnatural and unhealthy but a part of you doesn’t want them to be apart. Though we were talking in the context of the show, which imo does a poor job of displaying their dynamic, but even to my two show-watching friends they saw Jaime and Cersei’s relationship as something that belongs in the story.

Yes, it’s incest, and it’s destructive, and Cersei uses and manipulates him, but at the beginning you want them to find happiness together. You don’t want Cersei with Robert, or Jaime with anyone else. Of course as the story develops and Brienne enters the picture, some people start wanting them to be apart, but that is all part of their story. They are set up to be together at the start, you want them to be together, as wrong as it is bc no one else seems deserving of those two fools as they are of each other. And as things progress and stuff changes, the frame falls apart. Even when Jaime returns to King’s Landing it seems like they are only trying to put back together some million shattered pieces. They try until they can’t anymore.

And those broken pieces remain all over the floor, not picked up, hardly even brushed away.